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Posted By Augy Bartels

VMMHD is a law and legal resource that offers online help to people with questions or legal issues regarding intellectual property. Many people from across the world visit this blog daily and ask for help or read the articles to educate themselves. Despite the fact that the blog is based in St Louis, MO, people from all over visit and interact.

Because of a large number of people who visit this site, it is an ideal place to advertise a business or product. VMMHD invites any local or online business to advertise their product or business on this blog site. It is a great way to gain exposure, increase traffic to your website, and peak people’s interest. All at a great price.

Advertising Packages

You can choose to place a single advertisement on one page of the blog or you can choose a combination. See the list below for the different packages.

  1. Banner advertisement – Positioned at the top, middle or bottom of a page and stretches the approximate width of the page. Cost: $500 per month
  2. Sidebar advertisement – Positioned on the right or left of a page and usually square. This can also be a video advertisement. Cost: $450 per month
  3. Double banner package – You get to have two banner advertisements on two different pages of the site. Cost: $60 per month
  4. Banner and sidebar combo – One banner advertisement and one sidebar advertisement placed on different pages. Cost: $600 per month

Once you have decided which option you want, send an email to support@vmmhd.com with your choice and the following information:

  1. A brief description of your business or product.
  2. 3 sample advertisements.
  3. Full name and contact details of the contact person.

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