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Famous Intellectual Property Cases Involving Well-Known Public Figures

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Famous Intellectual Property Cases Involving Well-Known Public Figures

Posted By Augy Bartels

Intellectual property can be anything from company procedures to paintings to tattoos to a book. Infringement of intellectual property rights does not only happen to unknown people but also to public figures like actors, movie houses, and inventors. Here are a few of the world’s most famous intellectual property cases.

Isaac Newton versus Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz got involved in a battle over who invented the study of calculus. Leibniz was the first to publish papers on the topic, but Newton had apparently done work in this field before Leibniz. Leibniz died before the issue could be resolved, but most people today accept that they both invented the field and that they came to their findings independently.

S. Victor Whitmille versus Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

S. Victor Whitmille is the tattoo artist who designed and has copyright on the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face. A copy of this tattoo was used in the movie The Hangover 2 and Whitmill filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. claiming infringement of his copyright. The case was ended with an agreement between the two parties.

Lucasfilm Ltd. Versus High Frontier and Lucasfilm versus Committee for a Strong Peaceful America

This is a case involving interest groups, politicians, journalists and scientists. Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) is a term that was associated with the Star Wars movies produced by Lucasfilm. In the mid-1980s, politicians, journalists and scientists chose to name the Reagan administration SDI. This did not sit well with Lucasfilm as it would make the connotations to the term negative and would possibly influence the Star Wars franchise. So, Lucasfilm filed a lawsuit against High Frontier and the Committee for a Strong Peaceful America. The court ruled against Lucasfilm.
These three cases are just a handful of the famous cases. There have been intellectual property cases against Napster, against shoe companies, against record companies, and much more. It really is very easy to make yourself guilty of copyright infringement. Make sure you don’t make yourself guilty.

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