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Hiring A Trial Hot Seat Operator

VMMHD Trial Technology Hiring A Trial Hot Seat Operator

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Hiring A Trial Hot Seat Operator

Posted By Augy Bartels

A trial hot seat operator is an important part of the courtroom because they handle tasks that make the transition smoother. Not just anyone can do that a hot seat operator does without some training. Think about the following tips before hiring a trial hot seat operator for your court cases.

It is a common misconception that all operators come with the same set of skills. Simply running a slide show program is something that anyone can do, but that’s not all it takes to work successfully in a trial. A hot seat operator must be able to use all kinds of hardware and software and be able to fix any problems that may come up. Pay close attention to an operators skills and make clear qualifications when hiring.

The trial hot seat operator will be working as part of the trial team, and their personality and work style will come into play. Some members of the team may be willing to work all night long, and others will quit as soon as court is over for the day. If you can find a hot seat operator who meshes well with your current team’s habits and mentality, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on them when hiring. Overall, the team will be more cohesive with this kind of hot seat operator, and the trial outcome will be better.

Give the potential operator a little test to see how they would handle things. Make a mock situation where the operator would have to do something stressful, like quickly editing a video or bringing up documents and see how they react. The operator has to work in tune with your demands and be able to see what’s coming next. They should also be able to handle a situation in multiple ways, just in case one solution doesn’t work out as intended.

A trial seat operator shouldn’t be considered if they don’t have any references to back them up. When hiring, think of them in the same way as someone that you are hiring for a full-time job. Don’t be fooled by flashy websites and graphics, because their work will speak for itself. A long list of clients isn’t always the whole story with references, because not every firm wants their work on display. A brief list of key references from top law firms and companies will paint a picture of how great an operator is in the court room.

The hot seat operator will come in hand and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Think carefully before hiring one, use the tips, and make sure they are up to your standards.

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