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Trial Technologies Help You Win Cases For Your Clients

VMMHD Trial Technology Trial Technologies Help You Win Cases For Your Clients

Trial Technology

Trial Technologies Help You Win Cases For Your Clients

Posted By Augy Bartels

When you are in the business of practicing law, your overriding concern is winning cases for your clients. Even better yet is resolving situations before they even get to a courtroom. Being known as someone who wins is critical to your reputation, which eventually determines how many clients you draw and your monetary success in this career. When you know how to get things done, word spreads, and you can start raising your rates because hiring you is an investment in your win percentage and ability to get things done.

There are many facets to winning as a lawyer, ranging from knowledge of the law to sharp intellect and cunning wit, to having the right temperament, fortitude, and personal skills for the job. However, having access to the right trial technologies is something more and more firms are turning to in their quest to get a leg up on their competitors or the prosecution or attorneys they are battling or contending with at the time.

Many situations are prevented from every going to court because something is discovered or brought to light during discovery that is used to leverage a settlement or force someone to drop their case. Three decades ago, this involved tons and tons of paperwork with seemingly endless boxes of documents to sift through. That still happens a lot, but in a digital age, trial technologies mean having ways to sift through things like chat logs, photos, social media posts, and emails. Many legal situations were concluded thanks to one single email.

Trial technologies are also used in recording depositions. When recorded with the right caliber technology, these depositions are often admissible into court as solid evidence, given the quality of the recordings. One single moment of footage of someone admitting something, denying something obviously, or just dodging a question can be enough to tank the opposition’s case or make your own successful.

In the event a trial is going to happen, trial technologies take center stage in mock courtrooms. Lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses can participate in mock trials that involve video productions, lights, sound, and even a fake judge and jury. Law firms can field test various courtroom strategies to see how well they play with a prospective jury, and then know the odds of probable success each tactic has so they go into actual trial well-prepared.

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